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How to find EMC test reports at the FCC’s website

This picture shows a semi-anechoic chamber with a biconical antenna and anti-reflective noise absorption cones. Compliance testing is done in these chambers, and the results are documented in EMC test reports.

Product EMC test reports can contain valuable information that’s not included in product manuals or free literature that’s posted on vendor websites. Here is how you can locate these test reports. They are hidden in plain sight . . . .  Continue reading

Learning about European EMI/RFI standards (video)

One of the greatest hurdles any newcomer to EMI/RFI in the nuclear power industry must overcome is getting a grasp of the European EMC standards. In this video I teach you how to start wrapping your mind around them . . . . Continue reading

An overview of the FCC EMI/RFI emissions limits (video)

Want to figure out EMI/RFI in the nuclear power industry? Already watched my introductory video? Then you are ready to watch this next video . . . . Continue reading

Introduction to EMI and RFI in the Nuclear Power Industry (video)

EMI and RFI in the nuclear power industry can be difficult to understand for electrical engineers who are coming in to the topic cold. Fortunately, I’ve made a video to help you get started . . . . Continue reading