Do you have $400 to spare?

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Get your privacy back for cheap

In a world run by digital technology where everything is connected to and stored on the Internet, we practically have no privacy remaining. Continue reading

Track flights in real time

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How much do electrical engineers make? (2015)

How much do electrical engineers make

So, there’s a burning question on your mind: how much do electrical engineers make? The Bureau of Labor Statistics updates this information every year around May, and it just released its latest data.

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Three U.S. Nuclear Plants Threatened by Closure

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station

The fate of one seems all but certain. The other two nuclear plants are in the hands of Illinois state politicians. Continue reading

Another US plant to close its doors?

Fort Calhoun is located near Omaha, Nebraska. It generates 479 megawatts… Continue reading

Spending – are you exceeding the national average?

How does your personal or family budget look compared to everybody else? Continue reading

Become a better public speaker

Have you ever had to give a speech in public?

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