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Brief history of early US nuclear regulation

Most people probably don’t know anything about the beginning of US nuclear regulation… Continue reading

Do you have $400 to spare?

I didn’t send you a tip last week… Continue reading

Get your privacy back for cheap

In a world run by digital technology where everything is connected to and stored on the Internet, we practically have no privacy remaining. Continue reading

Track flights in real time

Have a friend or family member taking a long trip by airplane? Continue reading

Another US plant to close its doors?

Fort Calhoun is located near Omaha, Nebraska. It generates 479 megawatts… Continue reading

Spending – are you exceeding the national average?

How does your personal or family budget look compared to everybody else? Continue reading

Become a better public speaker

Have you ever had to give a speech in public?

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Cut your budget before the next recession

The last recession ended seven years ago: 2009. Continue reading