Productivity Hardware for Nuclear Electrical Engineers Who Work From Home

Need to do checkprints? Hand-marked-up drawings? Document reviews with a red pen? Our requirements are specific. Here is a short list of what I use, along with alternatives in case you don’t like my preferences…

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Hand Switch Contact Development

A Siemens hand switch

Hand switch contact development diagrams appear on schematic drawings. They help the reader understand how the circuit behavior changes when the switch changes positions. It’s important to understand how to use them to avoid making wiring or logic errors when creating, modifying, or interpreting circuits. Continue reading “Hand Switch Contact Development”

I&C Engineer – Instrumentation and Controls

npp control room

One segment of electrical engineering in the nuclear power industry that you may find intriguing as an electrical engineer is instrumentation and controls, or “I&C” as it’s known. Though largely electrical in nature, I&C is a combination of mechanical and electrical engineering . . . . Continue reading “I&C Engineer – Instrumentation and Controls”