Important information conveyed quickly with graphics

Information graphics present useful information and facts in a condensed, visual format. People process visual information better than mere words alone, and we are also more likely to remember it later.

A good example is the radiation chart that Randall Munroe at XKCD created following the Fukushima events. It presents the amount of ionizing radiation we can absorb from various sources.

You can see the chart by clicking the following link:

Radiation Chart

Another one I discovered this week is about the world’s money. It starts with the smallest markets: Bitcoins and silver. It then moves to billionaires, companies, and the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet ($4.5 trillion).

The stock markets are there, too: $70 trillion globally.

Finally, it ends with derivatives. You won’t believe the size of the derivatives market. It’s beyond comprehension, but the visual squares paint a helpful picture.

View the chart by clicking here: 

What do you think?