Amazon Prime on sale for today only

Amazon Prime is offering a one-day sale for a year-long Prime membership. Instead of the regular $99, today you can pick it up for just $72. Here’s how . . . .

Click this link to take advantage of the limited-time offer:

Amazon Prime on sale for $72.

The biggest benefit you gain with Amazon Prime is free two-day shipping. It’s almost as good as shopping at the local store, except you don’t actually have to go to the store. You save time.

You also get access to Amazon Prime Video, which is Amazon’s version of Netflix. At $6 per month, this is cheaper than Netflix, which costs $8 per month.

Existing Prime members can also take advantage of the offer. Simply buy a gift subscription and email it to yourself. Turn off “auto-renew” in your account, then hang on to your gift subscription until your current subscription expires.

Again, here’s the link. Amazon Prime doesn’t go on sale often:

Amazon Prime on sale for $72.

This is my weekly tip of the week for this week. I block these posts from showing up on my site’s main page because the information is exlusive to my subscribers. Anyone can see the archives, but sometimes the information is time sensitive. In that case, only my list members know about the information in time to cash in on the deal.

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