Avoid Amazon’s Sales Tax

There is a way to avoid paying sales tax when buying from Amazon . . . .

Yes, even after the recent laws which were passed that forced Amazon to start collecting sales tax.

When buying an item, pay careful attention to how the item is shipped. An item that says it’s “Sold by” or “fulfilled by” Amazon will force you to pay sales tax.

An item that is fulfilled by or shipped from a third-party seller usually will not collect state sales tax.

To access this discount, look on the product page. Under the “Add to Cart” button there may be a box titled “Other Sellers on Amazon.” The prices from those sellers vary. Some are less than Amazon’s price point and some are more. But if you select any of these others you may be able to avoid paying sales tax.

When a product is advertised as eligible for Amazon’s “Low Price Guarantee,” that means that Amazon will match the price if you can find the product sold by someone else.

But they can’t match the sales tax savings.

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