Don’t pay full price for your next warranty

I learned a valuable lesson several years ago. Let me share the story with you. . . .

I was shopping for a new washer and dryer. I went to a popular retailer because I wanted free delivery and installation.

After picking out the units I wanted, the salesman took me to the register to pay. Then he asked me the big question: do you want to purchase our extended warranty?

The warranty is like gravy on top for the retailer. It’s almost pure profit.

I said no. But he got pushy. He was a real talker. He knew how to sell.

Finally, having gotten tired of his sales pitch, I figured I would make him an ultimatum that he wouldn’t be able to accept.

I said, “I tell you what. If you give me the full warranty at half price, I’ll buy it.”

Without even hesitating, he said “Deal.”

I didn’t want to go back on my word, so I took the warranty. At half price.

He responded so quickly that I realize I should have asked for 75% off. I left money on the table. And my washer and dryer have never had a problem.

The lesson is this: if you must take the warranty, negotiate for it. Ask for a discount.

A deep discount. Don’t pay full price.

What do you think?