Free gift idea for someone who likes taking pictures

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for friends and family if you haven’t already.

If you know someone who likes to take pictures using their digital camera or smartphone, then they may like a free (normally $60) piece of software that easily and quickly adds professional effects to the pictures.

It’s called Perfect Effects 9.5:

I don’t know how long it will be available for free.

It’s no slouch. It’s not some cheap freeware program. It is a stand alone program that provides a powerful set of filters that can make photos look professional.

To get it, you have to provide your email address.

Then, you get a confirmation code (on screen immediately afterward and also sent to your email address) that allows the program to be installed on up to two different computers.

There are Mac OS X and Windows versions.

If you want to jazz it up and give it that gift feel, then you can print out the code on a piece of paper, along with the webpage URL, then put it in a small box. You can gift wrap the box.

What do you think?