Get Photoshop and other powerful Adobe software for free

Do you want to download Adobe Photoshop for free without paying the high price required to buy it? Then you are in luck. There’s a way to do it. And from Adobe’s own website . . . .

But Photoshop isn’t the only program you can get. There’s InDesign, which is a powerful typesetting tool that can be used to format professional looking books — for yourself or for others (charge a fee).

There’s also Illustrator, which is a powerful vector graphics editing program that can be used to create slick logos and other nice-looking images.

There are several others available. These are older versions that Adobe no longer supports (CS2), but for most people they will do the trick. To find out how to get them and why Adobe makes them available, then click here to find out how to get Adobe software at no cost.

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