Simple ways to enhance a mod package

The mod package brings the entire design together. That’s why it’s called a “package.” But just because all of the pieces are together in one place, doesn’t mean your package will be high quality — especially if you neglect this aspect . . . .

You probably spend a lot of time developing drawing mark-ups. Maybe your time isn’t spent so much on the actual marking-up process, but those mark-ups represent hours of research, investigation, discussions with other engineers, careful consideration, and much more. So you shouldn’t let them be overlooked.

Most of your drawing mark-ups should be referenced at least once in the work steps. For example:

  • “Route new conduit per raceway drawing mark-up XXXX…”
  • “Terminate cables as shown on wiring diagram mark-up YYYY…”

Try not to include a drawing mark-up without referencing it somewhere in your mod package. Wiring diagrams are required during the installation process. If you include a mark-up of a wiring diagram but don’t reference it in the work steps, then you’re leaving out important details for the planner and creating confusion for the people who review your package later.

Schematic drawing mark-ups are helpful for the installers or field engineers to refer to during the installation process. They can sanity-check the detailed wiring against the big picture. The drawings also justify your design to other engineers who will review your work. Schematics are also used during testing.