Has your email account been hacked?

It’s now common to read about millions of private user accounts being stolen from large organizations like JP Morgan Chase and Target every year. Yours could be one of them — but how can you know?

Over 76 million accounts were compromised in October of 2014 when JPMorgan Chase became the victim of a cyber attack.

Hackers targeted Toys R Us shoppers’ rewards accounts in March of this year. Hilton Honors rewards accounts were targeted late last year. Is your email address linked to one of these millions of compromised accounts?

Do you need to change your password?

One website offers you a quick way to find out. You can enter an email address, your name, or even a username, and the site will let you know if it’s been compromised.

It won’t cover everything, but it’s a good place to start. Check it by clicking the following link:



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