What is an electrical engineer’s salary? (2014)

electrical engineer salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics updates this information every year around May. In 2013, the average electrical engineer’s salary was $93,380. Inflation for the year was about 2.2%. Did the average salary keep up? 

So, what is an electrical engineer’s salary in 2014? According to the BLS, the average electrical engineer’s salary in 2014 was $95,780, which is up approximately 2.6% above the 2013 average salary of $93,380. The median was $91,410, or up about 2.5% over last year’s median salary of $89,180.

The electrical engineer’s salary, in general, kept up with inflation, which ran approximately 2.2%. I use the median CPI; it is less volatile because it strips out food and energy prices. It helps to more easily monitor the long-term inflation trend without getting distracted by the wild gyrations given to the standard CPI.

Electric power generation, transmission, and distribution remains the second-largest sector in terms of number of electrical engineers employed. In terms of density, it’s still number one.

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