A highly reliable and cheap laptop solution

Have you ever wanted a cheap and light, but actually useful, laptop to use around the house for the simple things — web browsing, Evernote entry, or WordPress blogging?

Apple’s iPad is nice, but it is expensive for these kinds of tasks. Also, it doesn’t have a keyboard. I prefer a keyboard to a touchscreen when I’m writing. What about you?

The same is true about the Microsoft Surface, an iPad competitor. It has keyboard options, but you usually have to buy them separately. Then the price starts climbing.

So what’s a good solution? I recommend the one I discovered two years ago: the Google Chromebook. In 2013, I purchased a Samsung model (XE303C12). It’s now two years old (an eternity in the world of Moore’s Law), and I still use it every day.

It was cheap then: $250. It’s even cheaper now ($192).

The Chromebook selection in general has gotten faster in those two years. Here’s an article from three days ago that summarizes the top nine:

9 Best Chromebooks 2015: top Chromebooks reviewed

There are also hidden bonuses for purchasing Chromebooks, too. Google calls them “goodies”: 100 GB of free Google Drive storage, 12 free Gogo in-air Wifi passes, and more. You can see what’s available by starting here:


This is on my mind because I’ve been thinking of upgrading to a newer model. But, truthfully, the one I have is hard to complain about. It still works wonderfully.

To see Amazon’s selection in their Chromebook store, click this link:


You might find something you like.


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