Make money when the market is crashing

The stock markets tanked the last two days. They shed approximately 5% between Thursday and Friday. . . .

This means most people lost a lot of money. Their retirement accounts took a beating.

The Dow Jones is down 10% total since its high in May.

But where most people are losing money, you can make money in these conditions. It doesn’t take any special margin account or options trading know-how, either.

You can buy stock funds that short the major indices. Stock symbol DOG, for example, is a Proshares stock that shorts the Dow Jones. Stock symbol SH is a Proshares stock that shorts the S&P500.

If you owned either of these two stocks in the past two days, then you just made money.

If the markets continue to crash, then the more profit you’ll make.

How low can they go?

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