Material Lead Time Tips

Lead time is a factor when specifying parts for a project. For planning purposes, you need to know how long it will take for it to arrive once it is ordered.

It’s not enough to just call customer service and ask about lead times. You could fall into a snare because sometimes the customer service representatives don’t automatically contribute all the necessary information.

These material lead time tips might be useful to you.

Here are a few probing questions to ask when inquiring about lead times. They will help you flesh out the whole picture:

  1. What’s the lead time on the device?
  2. By how much will this increase if you request that it be Class 1E-qualified?
  3. What quantity of items is that lead time good for? Up to five? Ten or less?
  4. Does that include shipping time?
  5. If not, how much time do they add for shipping?
  6. Can they reduce the shipping time (and by how much) for an expedition fee?
  7. Do you have to purchase a minimum quantity, and if so, how much?

Low-voltage breakers may take two to three weeks to arrive. Large motors can take 26 weeks. Generators can range from immediate shipment to up to 26 weeks, depending on the application.

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