One of the most popular of the licensing basis documents that you’ll work with (or hear about) is the UFSAR. It stands for updated final safety analysis report. . . .

10CFR50.34 governs the content of the UFSAR. Most sites followed the same structure when writing theirs. For example, most UFSARs have a section in which they explain how they meet or exceed the NRC’s general design criteria. Other examples include Chapter 7, which typically describes a site’s safety-related instrumentation, and Chapter 8, which describes its electrical power systems. Accident scenarios and their responses are typically documented in Chapter 15.

The UFSAR is typically a compilation document, and it will sometimes have sections for the Tech Specs, Emergency Plan, and other LBDs. Usually they are simply one-sentence pointers to other documents like the Tech Specs, which are large enough to be constituted in a separate file. The UFSAR is a good place to look when first learning about a particular system, structure, or component associated with a project.