A word about using jargon

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The nuclear power industry, like most others, is ripe with jargon and unique acronyms. We made up words long ago and keep them alive through daily use. Despite that, they still have no presence in modern dictionaries. Don’t let your mod packages suffer needlessly from jargon bloat . . . . Continue reading “A word about using jargon”

I&C Engineer – Instrumentation and Controls

npp control room

One segment of electrical engineering in the nuclear power industry that you may find intriguing as an electrical engineer is instrumentation and controls, or “I&C” as it’s known. Though largely electrical in nature, I&C is a combination of mechanical and electrical engineering . . . . Continue reading “I&C Engineer – Instrumentation and Controls”

Some basic protective-device principles

When you hear “protective device,” think “breakers” and “fuses.” It’s one thing to know how to size them correctly. It’s another thing to know why. But it can be expensive to learn the “why” . . . . Continue reading “Some basic protective-device principles”

Learning about European EMI/RFI standards (video)

One of the greatest hurdles any newcomer to EMI/RFI in the nuclear power industry must overcome is getting a grasp of the European EMC standards. In this video I teach you how to start wrapping your mind around them . . . . Continue reading “Learning about European EMI/RFI standards (video)”

Introduction to EMI and RFI in the Nuclear Power Industry (video)

EMI and RFI in the nuclear power industry can be difficult to understand for electrical engineers who are coming in to the topic cold. Fortunately, I’ve made a video to help you get started . . . . Continue reading “Introduction to EMI and RFI in the Nuclear Power Industry (video)”