Writing numbers correctly – technical writing tips

Using numbers is an integral part of an electrical engineer’s job. It’s one thing to know how to calculate them, but another to know how to use them when writing mod packages and other technical documents. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using numbers . . . . Continue reading “Writing numbers correctly – technical writing tips”

Redundancy and Diversity

Here are two basic concepts that should be understood by every electrical engineer in the nuclear power industry: redundancy and diversity. They are closely related, but not the same thing . . . .

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Introduction to EMI and RFI in the Nuclear Power Industry (video)

EMI and RFI in the nuclear power industry can be difficult to understand for electrical engineers who are coming in to the topic cold. Fortunately, I’ve made a video to help you get started . . . . Continue reading “Introduction to EMI and RFI in the Nuclear Power Industry (video)”