UFO spotted near Arkansas Nuclear One

ano wikipedia commonsEvidently, this is not the first UFO sighting near a nuclear plant. You just can’t make this stuff up. Especially when it’s caught on video . . . .

The witness claims to have spotted it around 1 am on November 8. It took off and flew away two hours later:

“It emitted multi-colored lights as it stay [sic] stationary in the sky,” the witness stated. “For the next following two hours I would check on it periodically…It ascended a flight path over my house and was completely out of view within three minutes. Object had no sound and had a strange electromagnetic-like feeling pulsate through my body as it flew over me.”

There’s no video evidence of the sighting near ANO. But there is a video that was allegedly taken by an engineer at a nuclear plant in Veracruz, Mexico:

Aliens? Doubtful. But it is a flying object that remains unidentified.

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