Dominion Energy to buy SCANA

This is the outcome of the collapse of Westinghouse and the shutdown of new plant construction at VC Summer… Continue reading

Power generation is down. Guess what’s happened to nuclear’s share?


Despite the booming economy and GDP growth since the Great Recession, electrical generation has declined. It never recovered, reports one site.

Along these lines, GE Power recently announced layoffs in its Greenville, South Carolina facility. At the same time, it announced layoffs at its Schenectady, New York location, too. GE Power manufactures gas and wind turbines… Continue reading

Memoirs of the anti-Communist banker who founded the commercial nuclear power industry


The years immediately following the end of World War II were marked by two important realities: the beginning of the Cold War with the Soviet Union — the Truman Doctrine was announced in 1947 —and the advent of the atomic age. At the intersection of nuclear warfare and atoms for peace stood Lewis Strauss… Continue reading

San Onofre in California is shut down. But its spent fuel still remains.

The media has taken notice of the problem of spent fuel being stored indefinitely at reactor sites, which, for now, will be there long after the plant has been taken offline… Continue reading

A brief history of Westinghouse’s financial struggles, beginning in 1907

Westinghouse filed for bankruptcy in March of 2017. But this isn’t the first time the company has had financial struggles… Continue reading

Material Lead Time Tips

Lead time is a factor when specifying parts for a project. For planning purposes, you need to know how long it will take for it to arrive once it is ordered. Continue reading

Brief history of early US nuclear regulation

Most people probably don’t know anything about the beginning of US nuclear regulation… Continue reading

A look at “Controlling the Atom”

Book cover of Controlling the Atom

This book, Controlling the Atom, appeared in 1984 and describes the creation of the first nuclear reactor regulations. The subtitle may sound boring, but I think there are some portions of the book that industry engineers will find interesting. Continue reading