Learn how to grill amazing food

It’s the fourth of July, and millions of Americans will be grilling today. 150 million hot dogs will be consumed. 39 million cases of beer will be sold this weekend. If you do any grilling, you might enjoy this website I’ve discovered. . . .

It contains valuable information that will surely improve your grilling technique, regardless of whether you grill ribs, steaks, burgers, or vegetables.

The secret is to setup your grill so that you have two cooking zones: direct heat and indirect heat. But you also need to have the basic tools of the trade: thermometers to monitor temperature.

This website is the intersection of grilling and engineering.

There are several articles on the science of grilling, from the thermodynamics of grill heat, to the chemical reactions catalyzed at various heat levels in food fats and the sugars in delicious rubs, to discussions about basic salt and its effect on proteins.

If you like ribs, you might like his recipe: Last Meal Ribs. The recipe is found by clicking this link:


If ribs aren’t your thing, then maybe Meathead has something else that is more up your alley.

It might be too late to master his techniques to impress your friends this fourth of July season, but by next year you could be getting questions from your friends like: what’s in that special rub you use? What’s your secret to grilling these awesome ribs?

It all starts with the two-zone grill setup.


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