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Dominion Energy to buy SCANA

This is the outcome of the collapse of Westinghouse and the shutdown of new plant construction at VC Summer… Continue reading

Power generation is down. Guess what’s happened to nuclear’s share?


Despite the booming economy and GDP growth since the Great Recession, electrical generation has declined. It never recovered, reports one site.

Along these lines, GE Power recently announced layoffs in its Greenville, South Carolina facility. At the same time, it announced layoffs at its Schenectady, New York location, too. GE Power manufactures gas and wind turbines… Continue reading

San Onofre in California is shut down. But its spent fuel still remains.

The media has taken notice of the problem of spent fuel being stored indefinitely at reactor sites, which, for now, will be there long after the plant has been taken offline… Continue reading

Three U.S. Nuclear Plants Threatened by Closure

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station

The fate of one seems all but certain. The other two nuclear plants are in the hands of Illinois state politicians. Continue reading

Relay manufacturer quietly changes internal parts, creates potential safety hazard


Sometimes product manufacturers change out the parts in a particular equipment model without changing the model number. Even though there is little to no change in function or feature set — the change is invisible to the customer — when regulations are involved these invisible changes can have severe consequences. Continue reading

Callaway back online after repairing reactor coolant system leak

callaway nuclear plant

The plant shut down in the middle of the night on July 23, 2015 after several control room alarms went off. . . . Continue reading

Raspberry Pi 2 sheds new light on an old control room problem

A Raspberry Pi computer next to its packaging

A bug was discovered on the Raspberry Pi 2, a small computer intended to promote computer science education to children. While new to the Raspberry Pi, this is old news to the nuclear power industry . . . . Continue reading

A nuclear plant is shutting down. Track its daily progress on Facebook (for the next 60 years).


When Vermont Yankee scrams on December 29th, it will be for the last time. Then, the dismantling process begins. It will take 60 years . . . .  Continue reading